Backstage: Interview with KhoMha ahead of ADE 2015

Fresh from playing to a roaring crowd of 20 thousand people at the A State of Trance 700 festival in Mexico over the weekend, Columbian producer KhoMha is currently is the middle of a wild ride. It wasn’t too long ago that the 23 year old was a rising star putting his own spin on Armin van Buuren classics; now, the musical ingenue has close to 15k followers on Soundcloud and experience playing at the world’s top music festivals with an audience that spans the globe.

Access Anthem caught up with KhoMha where he discussed his stylistic approach to producing music, plans for his set at the world-famous Amsterdam Dance Event, and upcoming goals for his foreseeable future.


The music industry is always in high demand and tracks are always released left and right.  How do you incorporate the innovation and uniqueness into your tracks?

There’s something called “KhoMha Style”. What I try to do with all my tracks its make them unique every time, all of them different from each other, having influences from many different genres outside from Electronic Music. Then there’s a place where progressive house, trance, techno, electro meets and that’s where the unique “KhoMha Style” is born.

Steering away from Coldharbour, you recently started a new chapter with David Lewis Productions in July, an organization which hosts a plethora of top, global artists. How has the shift impacted your career, and where do you see the relationship headed?

I’ll always be grateful with Markus Schulz for giving me the opportunity to show my talent and my music to the world I’m very overwhelmed with all the support that he gave for the past 3 years. Now, I felt like it was the time to close that chapter and begin a new one with one Top agencies around the world. I’ve been working really hard to get to this point and having the opportunity to belong to such an incredible agency is a huge honor for me and a dream come true. There are huge plans already and I can’t wait to share’em with you guys!.

From performances across Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami, A State Of Trance and multiple club shows with Armin van Buuren in the US and beyond, where do you envision KhoMha will be performing in 5 years?

How music is evolving is hard to tell. But I would tell you that I’ll always give my best in every KhoMha aspect; I imagine myself taking my music the biggest stages/clubs around the world and sharing all these music and feelings with my fans.

You are set to perform at Armada’s Captivating event during ADE 2015. With a strong lineup, how do you plan to shock the crowd and score a memorable ADE performance?

I’ve been working really hard in the studio for the past 2 months to have new music/remixes/edits/mashups ready to premiere for the first time in such a great event. I’ll give my best to make it memorable to the fans. I’m really looking forward for it.

How important is social media in the DJ lifestyle, and how has it impacted your career with listeners and fellow artists?

Nowadays social media is vital for every artist. Fans wants to know what’s happening behind the scenes, what else is there in an artist life and it’s so cool the fact that thru your social you can share and show more to the people.

Being Colombian, has the country and any specific experiences triggered the sound you produce? Is there a style of music that has inspired you from your home country?

My music has a lot of groove/movement and all of that comes from my latin roots. Music like Salsa, Merengue, Colombian Cumbias where a big part of my childhood since my family is a passionate music lover.

If you could have KhoMha reborn, would you do anything differently when starting from the bottom?

I think I’ve come a long way in my career, and every sad / bad situation that I’ve experienced in the past just made me stronger, smarter, professional and mature in every aspect of my life. Not only for KhoMha but for Roberto. Now I feel ready to take my career to the next level.

Share with us what upcoming productions you have in tow, and when we can expect them moving into 2016.

My first vocal single called “Restart” is out now. There are a couple of new ID’s coming on the way, collabs and remixes that will be release soon. For 2016 you can expect a “The New Era of KhoMha” taking everything to a whole new level.

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