Exclusive: Interview with GLOWINTHEDARK

GLOWINTHEDARK – the dynamic duo from Amsterdam, Netherlands has been quickly catching the attention of the music industry. From their collaboration with David Guetta to their annual tour in Brazil, GLOWINTHEDARK have been spreading their music from all different angles. Their SLAM!FM/Lightstate Radio residency has also been well-embraced by listeners. With their Pacha Ibiza summer residency on the horizon, their fans and the music scene can expect an explosive several months ahead from the duo. Access got together with GLOWINTHEDARK to see where they are and where they’re headed.

It has been about two months since you stepped on stage with David Guetta in both Miami and Brazil, how has your relationship impacted GLOWINTHEDARK?

Albert: Pretty well! After Miami WMC, everybody started to talk about our new collab with David. At the same time he dropped our official remix for his track with Afrojack and Nicki Minaj “Hey Mama” which reached No. 9 on Beatport. We see amazing reactions towards GLOWINTHEDARK, it’s crazy!

Kevin: David is a dear friend of us and a very big inspiration. With that said, we can say that he’s had a really big impact on GLOWINTHEDARK. We have a great connection when we’re working in the studio, and after our collaboration “Ain’t A Party”, it was only right to start up a brand new collab that we premiered at Ultra Miami this year.

It can be said that summer 2015 will be one of the biggest for the dance music scene. What can the audience and your committed fans expect from you guys, both by performance and sound?

Albert: We are definitely ready for 2015 and we are dropping our new EP very soon. These tracks will have influences by all kinds of genres blended into one. A decade has started for crazy crossovers and styles blended into one song.

Kevin: The GLOWINTHEDARK LightState show stands for chaos and madness in a party way and we’ll keep giving the fans that feeling with our shows and wide range of music. We have been working on a lot a new tracks that will be closer to our true sound than ever before. We think this is the right time now to put it out there for the world to hear. So keep a look out for that new EP that will come out very soon.    

GLOWINTHEDARK just recently released the Miami ’15 Smash-Up! Pack. What are some innovations that were made to produce such a tracklist? 

Albert: We just wanna be innovative and refreshing. Untouched hip-hop tracks mixed up with EDM makes it fun for us to play, but also gives us inspiration for originals.

Kevin: Most of the time we make our SMASH-UP! of tracks that we really like to play but want to give it a GLOW twist so we can always surprise our fans. It can be legendary classics or hot tracks of the moment, like we did now with the Aaliyah and “Lean On” record of Major Lazer and DJ Snake.

We know GLOWINTHEDARK has been performing in Brazil every year – have your devoted fans in Brazil and their music scene impacted your sound, if so how? 

Albert: Actually last week we took off to Brazil again for a mini-tour. We sure have devoted fans and they love the sound we’re bringing them. We always have these Brazillian surprises in our sets during our shows. It’s more that they inspire us the way they’re partying to our music.

Kevin: We love the Brazilian culture and music especially Samba and Funk. We try to blend some of the elements in our shows when we tour in Brazil so it sure has an impact in our career, since we both have South American roots. Our music has a lot of South American influences from the beginning.

The F*** Me I’m Famous summer residency at Pacha Ibiza is coming up.  What are your goals through this experience? 

Albert: Get better and better, make a lot of music in Ibiza and have the most fun with David. 

Kevin: It’s the most famous party on the island for a while now, and for us to be resident DJs of such a big party is truly a big honor. We had so much fun last year at these shows and we can’t wait to drop our new bombs for all those crazy party people. 

As a DJ duo, what are some of the ways you overcome obstacles and conflicts? 

Albert: In the studio we always discuss but lucky us we always mean the same but we just explain it different to each other hahaha. We don’t really have heavy obstacles but just the normal stuff that normal friends have.

Kevin: I think it begins with accepting that everyone is different. And we truly believe that it’s our strength that we fill each other up perfectly. It’s also really important to listen to each other and to be open for criticism. 

How has your SLAM!FM / LightState Radio segment and record label operation helped define your success in the industry so far?

Albert: At the moment we’re building and working hard on our label, baby LightState! The industry is very positive about the music what got released on LightState: David Guetta, Hardwell, Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Thomas Gold… and other A-list DJs reacting on the promos which is amazing!

Kevin: It’s super nice to have your own platform and freedom to release your own music and give fresh new talent a chance to put out their dope record. Its some thing that helps us tell our musical story even more and create a real movement and lifestyle where people can feel related to.