Exclusive: Interview with Shytsee

With his latest¬†release “Weightless,” Shytsee – the rising DJ and Producer based in Munich, has turned the heads of many artists and fans with his latest progressive showcase. Not only this – he collaborated with Tess Marie – a singer/songwriter who has an angelic voice who added purity to the sound. Initially discovered by Iyoas Assefa, the link between Shytsee and Tess Marie was made after her signing to MODE Management, where he felt Tess’ voice would fit flawlessly with Shytsee’s “Weightless” instrumental.¬†Access Anthem sat down with Shytsee to dig in about how their collaboration came to be, and about where he is headed down the line.

1. What are some characteristics of Tess Marie that attracted you to work with her?

First and most important: her absolutely insane voice. I research for a long time to get the best results for my instrumental. When my manager, Iyoas Assefa, played her demos to me, I was sure within seconds, that this girl’s voice was the final piece for “Weightless.” Secondly, she’s just a nice and genuine person, which is very important to me and for the work process.

2. Tell us about an interesting fact many do not know about you.

I was in a girl choir until the age of 15. Sounds funny, but it was not that bad to stand in the middle of 50 beauties as an adolescent school boy!

3. Were you first a DJ or a producer, and how do you feel about the transition?

I started deejaying at the age of 18 – with real vinyl only. Later, at the age of 25, I began producing my first tracks. I really love the transition between working in the studio all day and getting the results and live reactions from the crowd at night.

4. Tell us some of your innovative ways that you incorporate in your music production.

Just one word: PASSION! Nowadays, it’s not easy to come up with something innovative and world-exclusive in your productions, because there are millions out there able to deliver the same quality as you. But love, passion, and emotion are things that you can’t inject into your sound by just being a professional with your software. It has to come directly from your heart. I often miss that type of feeling when I listen to the Beatport Top 100. It’s all about releasing as much as possible, to keep the industry in motion. I prefer quality, not quantity. So if I need five years to finish my new track, I’m fine with it. But, I will never release a track without any soul just to have a new release on my tracklist.

5. Tell us about some music elements or characteristics you learned/built up in Munich that you still utilize in your music today.

It’s the typical Munich lifestyle. I’m more influenced from the mentality here, rather than from any musical circumstances, especially because Munich is not into electronic music as much as Amsterdam or Miami. It’s on its way to building up the community to catch attention worldwide, when it comes to festivals, clubs and artists. But it will take time. My music is about loving life, enjoying every minute as much as possible and not taking myself too serious. That’s exactly the lifestyle here in Bavaria/Munich.

6. What can your fans expect to hear or see from you – both in the near and long-term future under Shytsee?

I hope a lot! I’m already working on new tracks with beautiful voices. Also, I have some really exciting collaborations with talented and well-known artists from all over the world in the pipeline. To top if off, my manager and I are working on an international club tour. There is a lot to come, so keep your eyes open. When it comes to long-term, I just want to be able to do what I love most: produce quality music and perform on cool stages.

7. What were some of your favorite aspects while working with Tess Marie?

Tess is just incredible. Not only is she an extremely talented singer-songwriter, she is also 100% professional and able to put soul and emotion into a track within minutes. I’m pretty sure “Weightless” will not be the last track we create together.

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