Exclusive: Interview with Tess Marie

Tess Marie and her angelic voice has opened the doors to her first single “Weightless,” with Munich-based DJ and producer Shytsee. Originally from Winona, MN, Tess Marie had been influenced by music and acting from a young age. She studied and built her music/acting career all around the globe. Studying abroad in the United Kingdom was where Tess Marie fell in love with electronic music, and has been working with the genre ever since. Crafting her unique voice and writing skills, her collaboration with Shytsee has created a track that aligns well with festivities of the upcoming summer season. We chat with Tess Marie, discussing her career and thoughts on her inaugural release.

1. What were your initial thoughts when the collaboration with Shytsee was official?

I was excited! When I first heard the track, I had initial thoughts about what I could do and where the melody would fit in. I loved the style and the vibe of the track and immediately wanted to start writing.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about what was going through your mind when you were writing “Weightless”?

When Shytsee first sent me the track it was titled “Weightless.” A lot of times I end up changing the initial title of the song to match what I’m writing about, but in this case it just clicked. I went through my day-to-day routine thinking of weightless, what if feels like, what it means to me, etc. I would take notes on my phone whenever I thought of a good idea. When I saw an image or was in a place that made me think of being weightless, I’d snap a photo. My mind was constantly running with thoughts and ideas of this feeling. Then, one night, I stayed in and put all my thoughts together and wrote the song. From that point to the studio, I didn’t change much of anything and it all clicked right away.

3. What is one thing you absolutely need when you’re writing your music or lyrics? Does that change depending on whether you’re writing for yourself or working with other artists?

The one thing I absolutely need is the freedom to express myself. I come up with crazy ideas! Some of them work and others don’t, but I need to feel comfortable expressing how I feel, and allowing myself to be vulnerable as an artist. I have very honest friends, and I work with very honest people. Their feedback helps me in my process and grounds me. I love collaborating with other artists. We all have different strengths and abilities and it’s awesome to bounce ideas back and forth, which results in creating amazing music!

4. What are some of the key characteristics or visions of the music that comes from you as an artist?

One thing I love about music is the power it has to make you feel something. Since I was very young, I have always performed. One experience in particular, I was asked to sing for a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. I visited her in the hospital and sang for her and her close family members. As I was singing, the woman opened her eyes and smiled, as I looked at her family they were all in tears, as she hadn’t opened her eyes and shown much emotion in days. That was a very special moment. I hope to create moments and memories that others can experience in their own life, through my writing, recordings and performances.

5. What has this collaboration with Shytsee and the recently release track “Weightless” meant to you?

This is my first track that I am releasing, and it means the world to me! I’m so excited to share it, and hope listeners can embrace the feeling of “Weightless!”

6. What can we expect to see from you and your music in the future?

My musical inspirations range from Jazz singers, such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to my childhood idols, Britney Spears and Beyoncé, to now Ellie Goulding and Jessie J. I have a passion for electronic music and you can expect to hear me singing and performing in this genre. Needless to say, I do have soul and I love singing Jazz and R&B music, so I hope to incorporate those sounds into my tracks and performances as well.

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