Exclusive: Interview with Australia’s twin supergroup Gemellini

Young and ready for the main stage, brothers Andrea & Davide Sartori are taking dance music by storm. Together, they are Gemellini: dynamic twins who’s creative approach to producing melodies with groove-heavy rhythms is making waves among Australian’s electronic populace. Signed to Kryder’s Sosumi Records, the pair launched their sound and brought an audience to their feet when their debut track “Cavenda” was featured on the label’s Future Stars EP alongside other rising up-and-comers.

Access Anthem caught up with the twins to discover what brings out the best in their creativity and what musical plans they have in store.


On the topic of their debut track “Cavenda” being included on Sosumi’s Future Stars EP, Gemenllini felt their sound was the right fit for the label. 

It feels great to be included in Sosumi’s Future Stars EP, and it feels perfectly with our sound and style. That is that it’s groovy and fresh. It’s a label that cares purely about the music and we’re stoked to be a part of it.

Ideas were flowing well in the studio [re: Cavenda], until it was about 99% complete. With Kryders advice, we then did a few tweaks on the second drop and Cavenda was finished.

Working with family can be tough. But when you’re familiar with the other’s strengths and weakness, creating the perfect sound becomes all the more achievable. They’ve even taken note from other popular siblings in the industry. 

Our relationship as twins / dj-producers is what makes us GEMELLINI. We work extremely well together both in the studio and out as brothers as we’re on the exact same wave length with everything in life, we bounce ideas of each other and it is rare to have any sort of clash.

Nervo and Disclosure for sure, they’re extremely tight and great writers/musicians. Its evident that they love what they do and love it even more because they’re doing it with their siblings.

Australia has no doubt pumped out major super stars in and outside of dance music. But the pressure doesn’t get to them. 

Not so much pressure. There are artists here that have pioneered a particular sound in music. People like Flume and Will Sparks etc. We just want to write and play good fresh music from our inspirations and not be worried to much about what others are doing. If the music is good, it will speak for itself.

We draw inspiration from several Australian artists, to mention a few, there is: Peking Duk, Dave Winnel, Nervo,  Flume, Chet Faker.

Of course, dance music isn’t the only genre from which the twins channel their inspiration.

We grew up on old school Hip Hop listening to people like Dr Dre, Snoop, Tupac, Eminem etc.. We listen to all different genre’s of music, currently big fans of Kendrick Lamar, The Script, Ed Sheeran etc. Artists like Axwell, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano and Eric Morillo influenced the sound behind Cavenda.

There are things [musically, speaking] in the works, you’re all going to have to wait and see 😉 stay tuned to our social media to see what unfolds.


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